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Electric Locomotive System for Industry and Mine



The emergence of electric locomotives was born in the demand of railway transportation for large capacity, high speed and stronger environmental adaptability. Industrial and mining electric locomotives are smaller in power and speed than trunk electric locomotives because of DC system. With its flexible control and energy-carrying characteristics, it is widely used in short-distance ore transportation in mines and slag transportation in tunnel construction.

DC industrial and mining electric locomotive consists of control room, transmission system and battery group. The control room completes the locomotive operation control; the transmission system is powered by two 110 kW AC motors, which are driven to the hub by the reducer, and the brake pad is powered by a 4 kW compressor; the storage battery group is composed of 48 12V lead-acid batteries in series, which provides power for the whole locomotive system.

There are two kinds of operation conditions of DC electric locomotive in operation: full load operation requires motor to run within 0-50Hz, when the speed is about 40kM/H, it requires sufficient torque output; no-load operation requires motor to run within 0-70Hz, and at this time the speed should reach 60kM/H.

The following is a sketch of the electric locomotive system.